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Photography just happened. In my teenage years I found out that my dads ‘big camera’ was really cool and tried to take some photo’s. When I saw what an amazing photo’s I could make with it, I bought a DSLR camera myself. I tried, and tried and tried until the photo’s were good enough to show people. My new hobby was born!

Now photography is my fulltime job and I love it! It’s so special to step into people’s life just for one day. Whether it’s a weddingday, people who are madly in love, or the birth of a little one, all of these moments are unique and lovely!


I feel so blessed I can make memories to keep of these beautiful once-in-a-lifetime-moments!

I also love to travel! When I’m in the plane back home I organise a new trip already. I’m always looking for new destinations to discover, new people to meet and cultures to learn from!

So don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to book an overseas photoshoot, I will pack my bags immediatly!

If you would like to know more about me? Read the THINGS I LOVE below.


Much love,

Valerie Visschedijk


First photo by Raisa Zwart

Valerie makes pure, real and spontaneous photos! She makes them exact at the right moment.
She is a good and spontaneous photographer.
The photos really turned out beautiful, Valerie captured every little detail about our weddingday!

Jens & Linda


We have hardly noticed your presents during the ceremony and afterwards, in a positive way. Obviously we did whilst having the photo shoot of us as a couple, but we enjoyed that very much! We have really enjoyed the fact that you where so calm. If you start rushing, the wedding couple would feel it too. And I think that that is the last thing you want on your wedding day. We are very happy with the photo’s. We are still enjoying our day when we look back at them!

Koen & Jaike

I keep enjoying watching our weddingpictures! A beautiful kept memory at the most perfect day.
Valerie had a lot of tips before our weddingday.
During the wedding we didn’t perceive she was even there, it all went so naturally. And that’s how the most beautiful photos are made of!

You couldn’t capture our weddingday better than this. You’re professional and spontanuous. Thanks so much Valerie!

Steven & Suzanne

Hi Valerie,

We think the photo’s are amazing! We can’t choose which photo’s we like the most. Thank you very much for you professional work! You did it great!

With love,

Jeroen & Sharon


  • Passie gaat niet over wat je leuk vindt maar over
  • Een halfjaar geleden kwam jasperhovenga al bij me met een
  • Voor de fotoshoot kreeg ik te horen dat dit stel
  • 1 van mijn favoriete fotos van de shoot in Zakynthos