Wow, we’re going to Ibiza! In september it became real. Ibiza was on my wishlist for years and now it finally happened! With this amazing team we organized 4 photoshoots, and you’ll see the results of the shoots with Donna here on the blog. Enjoy! 🙂

ibiza20ibiza7ibiza1 ibiza2 ibiza9ibiza6ibiza8 ibiza10 ibiza11ibiza13ibiza12 ibiza14ibiza15 ibiza16 ibiza17 ibiza18 ibiza19 A big thank you to:

Make-up & Hair: Roos Verweij @roosverweij || Dresses: Taft & Tule @taftentule_bruidsmode || Accessoires: Say Yes To The Dress @sayyestothedress_syttd || Stationery: Joyce Roco @joyceroco || Models: Donna-Jane @alphamalemm & Lianne ten Dolle @liannetd90 || Location: One Ibiza Suites@oneibizasuites

Photography by me @valerievisschedijk & assistent: Mylene Timessen @mylenetimessen